Friday, January 25, 2013

Island Life

We all want to "live on the island". The pictures are so pretty. Everything is clean, sunny, relaxing. Unfortunately what you don't see is the other side of the picture.

Its dirty, dark, and filled with chaos. And to top it all off ... you are on an island - and you are alone.

Prayerfully I am on my way back from a self-imposed island stay.

I say "self-imposed" because I did not rebuke the demon who told me it was really nice there and I needed to go. It is not nice. I did not need to go.

Forgive me Father for trampling under my feet the glorious sacrifice of Your Son Christ for me. I have allowed island living and turned from fellowship with believers, sisters and brothers. I have been living for me and not for You. Bring me back - especially if I'm kicking and screaming - into the loving arms of Your fold. Guide me back to the path You need me to take. Thank you for Your mercy and Your grace in my life that I do not deserve. Thank you Father, for always being there for me, even when I turn the other way. Through the matchless name of Christ I pray, Amen.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Review: Trusting God by Jaynes, Smith & Southerland

Trusting God: A Girlfriends in God Faith Adventure by Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith, and Mary Southerland.

A book worth reading more than once. 

This is a twelve week devotional that is written very well. Using personal stories to show God's character and His will for our lives that is revealed in scripture. These stories are short and to the point. They are cute and written so you can relate to what is being read. Then the stories are used to reveal a part of God's character and how we can apply it to our lives. I think the stories make it easier to apply Christ in our lives - something that is active and memorable. One of their stories may well trigger an event in your own life that when you remember you will then link to the character of God.

The points are well chosen and are relevant to today's culture. The questions at the end of the week of devotion are thought provoking truths.  The questions are not "wishy washy" and if you are honest with yourself, will really make you look at your life.

The "Lets Pray" section at the end of each day devotion is short and powerful. The prayer enforces the message of the day beautifully.  And I think it will get you in the habit of praying. For the scripture does say, "pray about everything" in Philippians 4:6-7.

This is a great book and I recommend it.
4 of 5 Stars on Amazon

Go HERE to download the first chapter and see for yourself.
This is the link to the Podcast by the authors.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group
 for this review. My opinions are my own.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Review: God's Grammar by Mick Mooney

Truly a life affirming book.

Not growing up in the church, but the first in my family to come to Jesus, this book is very revealing. Not that I needed to be reminded of my sins, but rather to show me how far God had brought me from said sins and how they no longer effect me. I struggle with the "back and forth" between a God who truly loves with the world that pretends to love. God's love is so much better and wonderful to be a part of.

This book may be a "work of fiction" but it makes no bones about how loving and "real" God is. How close God really is in our lives. I wonder sometimes why humans need to be "popped in the back of the head" to believe and accept that God really loves us. Love the way Mick takes the lessons of the bible, some hard to understand in scripture, and brings them out to our current culture for better understanding and reflection.

Thank you Mick for the eye opening experience.

Definately 2 Thumbs up for this book.

5 of 5 Stars

Book Review: Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

The name fits the story line! This book is very well written. The story is well developed and plays out well. I love the "FBI" thread and how the "story" intermingles with the "full disclosure" (I won't be a spoiler and tell you what that actually means, but if you've read other Dee Henderson books, you will be pleasantly surprised :)

The characters get along well and there isn't any "fake" or "surface" relationships. The introduction of Paul Falcon, with his keen mind and family oriented values, is marvelous. Love this character. While this is a work of fiction, I'm sure everyone, me included, would really like to have relationships like the ones Dee writes about.

Well worth the time to read it. The characters will linger.

5 of 5 Stars

Monday, July 16, 2012

FLinG - July 16, 2012 - Vent Power!

Ok ... I know its been a while since I've been here. I have no excuse - well, I could come up with one, but it would just be an excuse and not really worth mentioning.

But I just had to tell you what happened to me today ................


Would you mind if I just say, "PRAISE the LORD!!"

I have been doing 1 load of laundry since 5pm (EST). Yes. That time is correct. 4.5 HOURS!!!

The dryer was HOT and tumbling, but the clothes were not getting dry. I sent a text to my brother to see why. He told me.

Clogged Dryer Vent.   Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!   Like I need something else wrong!

So, I ask him, "I can pull out the dryer and check the vent, right?" He says, "you need to check to see if there is any air coming out the other end of the vent, outside." I say, "that vent is UNDER the deck where I can't reach it." He says, "that is what you have to check." I say, "okie, dokie." Totally meaning "YEAH RIGHT!!"

So I pull the dryer out, unplug it, and check the vent. GOOD GRAVY!!!  There was a MASSIVE amount of lint! So I bust out the vacuum cleaner and suck it all up. Well, it took 4 times cleaning out the bucket, but I got it!

So, its just about dark and my clothes are still wet :( I am not happy. Alright, alright ... I'm going to see if I can get to the outside vent.

I am not a crawler or small space lover. The deck is 10x10 and the vent is along the wall of the house - 10 feet away UNDER the deck that is only 11" over the ground. Now I'm a large woman and 11" from top to bottom is just not my cup of tea - seriously. Especially if I have to scoot on my stomach 10 feet away.

Well ... I gotta tell you - I DID IT!!!

I prayed the WHOLE TIME I was down there. And my Jesus laid right next to me.

I discovered the problem - AND I fixed it!! (Well as best I could - It will likely have to be really fixed from under the house - by a professional!!!!!!!)

I shimmied out backwards. Shucked the outer clothes on the deck (in the gazebo). And flew into the shower!!!

Good gravy my Jesus is amazing!!!!

Oh yeah ... I had to turn the ceiling fan up when I was folding the clothes. They were so HOT I was sweating!!!

Thank you Father, for making me to be AWESTRUCK by You today. I could not have done it without You. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Book Review: Fearless by Eric Blehm

I was interested in this book because I like to read about the military. And I was in the US Navy years ago. I was not prepared for what I read.

This autobiography (which I don't tend towards reading) was a beautiful example of both military pride and God's love. Adam's story is filled with defeat, humiliation, huge success, and abundant love.

The story of a true child of God that we all want to be. I will not spoil the story by stating specifics (you really need to read it), but Adam's life started "normal", swerved to the "unacceptable", progressed through "astounding", and ended up in "Glory".

This very human, American story is not written in typical autobiographical format. It is not boring. It is easy reading, more like a novel format, or like watching a movie on the pages :) It is written very well. Real. Emotional. Funny. Understanding. It will grab you, shake you up a bit, and then encourage and inspire you to be a better person.

If you like true life as well as military stories, this is the book for you. Eric Blehm (author) did a superior job expressing the honest, authentic life of a true hero.

Adam Brown: child of God, husband, father, son, US Navy Seal, friend and HERO.  Thank you for your service and humanity. I can't wait to meet you on the other side.

Heart felt "Thank You's" and prayers to Adam Brown's family and friends for allowing his story to be told.

5 stars is not enough. Read it to see why.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Book Review: Our Favorite Sins by Todd D. Hunter

When I saw that this book was available for review I was excited and requested it as soon as it came up. I so very much wanted to like this book and be encouraged by it. However, I was disappointed. It actually took me a while to read through it. I was looking for practical, biblically based ideas on how to combat "our favorite sins". This book does a half way decent job of pointing out sins (based on our current culture) that people struggle with. Telling all about the sin; what it is, how it affects us, but not any practical ways to combat them. The - I'll call it "fluff" - was rampant and unnecessary.  We all know what "our favorite sin's" are. Most of us need honest ways to combat said sins. I have read book's where I have lost sleep due to the fact that I could not put it down. This is not one of those books. I will not recommend it.
*This book was provided at no cost by Thomas Nelson booksneeze program for review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Amazon rating 2 of 5 stars.

Monday, February 13, 2012

FLinG - February 13, 2012 - Embrace the Grandness

During my current bible reading goal (90 days) I read through Esther. Well of course you have, you say :)

Got me thinking.

Have you ever thought about your life in regards to what God has planned for you?

I'm sure Esther had no idea she was born to save her people. Literally. To save an entire nation and be the catalyst to destroy another. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the divine plan in Esther's life, let alone my own. What in the world can I possible do for God as I sit here, at my computer, doing ... nothing productive.

Is His plan for me later in my life? Is the "nothing" I do now preparing me for what He wants me to do later? Or, have I missed it, messed it all up, and now I will live in obscure nothingness for the rest of my born days?

Right now, compared to Esther's life, my life is "little". She had the courage to seek the king without being summoned. A sure death sentence if the king didn't acknowledge her. On top of that, to accuse one of the kings closest friends of misappropriating the king's authority. Whew, I feel so very small.

But I'm sure feeling small isn't the intent of the story. I'm sure, since women were not regarded, by men, as real people back in the day, this story was included in the most popular book in all of history to let women know, with God's help, we can have the courage to step out there and do what is needed to be done, what God wants us to do.

Does having courage mean we have to save a nation? Maybe, maybe not. But what is a nation? To you, and me it may just be family. In this case, maybe the "little" I think of my life right now is really as big and courageous as it needs to be, and I need to repent for thinking my life is "little" and really not part of His plan.

Regardless of what you are doing right now, your life is not little. Remember, God chose you on purpose. He is the one who picked you to believe in Him. To let His light shine through you. To be the vessel He needs down here, on the earth, in this evil nation.

Ultimately, in His eyes, His plan for you is grand.

Accept it and embrace the grandness!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FLinG - February 8, 2012 - Be A Reflection

The last time during the day I take my dogs out to do their business I take a flashlight with me, its dark. Well, of course it is, its bedtime  ;)

The last couple days the moon has been very beautiful. Made me think of something. How God is even in the seemingly small stuff. The stuff we think of as small or inconsequential, because we are so used to it there is no longer any wonder or awe attached to it. Which is a shame really.

One of the nights I turned on the porch light. As I was stepping out of the door I noticed the porch light did not even dent the light of the moon that was shining on my patio. The moon was soooo bright!

Immediately I had this thought:

Even the artificial light can not outshine the light of the moon.

How powerful is that?!?!?!

Now my mind is really running. I follow that thought with this:

The moon is a reflection of the sun. Which was created by my Awesome God to keep me physically warm. Which all wraps up in the perfect submission of His Son, who is my Redeemer, who was sent to keep me Spiritually warm. It is all connected by the Creator.

You see, before the banishment, Satan was an angel of light. But his light is artificial.

Let's say that again because it is so very important. Satan's "light" is artificial.

Satan's "light" can not diminish the Light of the World even when the Light of the world is reflected off something else. Keep this in the front of your mind.


Because you are the reflection of Christ, who is the Light, in this evil world that Satan is running to destruction. If not for you, for your reflection of Christ, there are people who will live in the darkness and never *see* Jesus.

Be a reflection.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

FLinG - February 5, 2012 - Shame On Me

I have posted here, and have kept a daily post on my FaceBook page, of my current goal to read the bible in 90 days. I must say this is the farthest I have ever gotten in a bible reading plan! I am really excited about it.

But I must confess. I did not read yesterday so I am one day behind. My niece was here and she helped me with several things and I just got tired and then I watched a movie and then another and then it was time for bed, I couldn't keep my eyes open!

So, now that the excuses are done, the point of the post: I physically missed reading. Well maybe not the "reading" per se, but rather the time spent with God.

How do I know I missed it? The Holy Spirit, that wonderful prompter, showed me I had strayed from the path.  My sleep last night was not a restful sleep. I had weird dreams and was very distracted in my sleep, as well as when I woke up. I hit the snooze button 4 times which almost kept me from going to church this morning. To top it off, I was unfocused during the service and Sunday school.

This condition makes me sad. I allowed the devil's minions to distract me with two movies, that I had already seen by the way, and making me feel too physically tired to spend time with God. There really is no excuse, especially since I didn't even try to read and spend time with Him.

Shame. On. Me.

I know there may be times when it really isn't feasible for me to spend an hour reading, but times like yesterday can be avoided by practicing obedience. We (me included) really need to keep in the Word so we can slay those nasty minions that are continually shooting flaming arrows at us.

For me, this time is only one day and the Spirit of God pointed out my lack of discipline by making my sleep disturbed and I caught the message. In truth we need to watch out for how easy it is to continue with a lack of discipline. So I didn't sleep well last night, so I take a nap today to "get over it". Then I get distracted and go to bed without reading again today. Pretty soon I won't be feeling distracted in my sleep and it won't matter that I didn't spend time with God before I go to bed each day. Satan wins the battle. I allow the win by disobedience. God is sad. And if I keep it up - I won't even care anymore and I have ended up pushing God to the curb. Shame on me!

Father, forgive my disobedience and thank you Spirit for showing me my error the way You did. Make me, the same way David asked You to make Him, be obedient to You. For You. For others to see You through me. Through Jesus I pray, Amen.

Are you currently in a season of "Shame on me"?