Monday, February 13, 2012

FLinG - February 13, 2012 - Embrace the Grandness

During my current bible reading goal (90 days) I read through Esther. Well of course you have, you say :)

Got me thinking.

Have you ever thought about your life in regards to what God has planned for you?

I'm sure Esther had no idea she was born to save her people. Literally. To save an entire nation and be the catalyst to destroy another. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the divine plan in Esther's life, let alone my own. What in the world can I possible do for God as I sit here, at my computer, doing ... nothing productive.

Is His plan for me later in my life? Is the "nothing" I do now preparing me for what He wants me to do later? Or, have I missed it, messed it all up, and now I will live in obscure nothingness for the rest of my born days?

Right now, compared to Esther's life, my life is "little". She had the courage to seek the king without being summoned. A sure death sentence if the king didn't acknowledge her. On top of that, to accuse one of the kings closest friends of misappropriating the king's authority. Whew, I feel so very small.

But I'm sure feeling small isn't the intent of the story. I'm sure, since women were not regarded, by men, as real people back in the day, this story was included in the most popular book in all of history to let women know, with God's help, we can have the courage to step out there and do what is needed to be done, what God wants us to do.

Does having courage mean we have to save a nation? Maybe, maybe not. But what is a nation? To you, and me it may just be family. In this case, maybe the "little" I think of my life right now is really as big and courageous as it needs to be, and I need to repent for thinking my life is "little" and really not part of His plan.

Regardless of what you are doing right now, your life is not little. Remember, God chose you on purpose. He is the one who picked you to believe in Him. To let His light shine through you. To be the vessel He needs down here, on the earth, in this evil nation.

Ultimately, in His eyes, His plan for you is grand.

Accept it and embrace the grandness!

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